Current situation in the Estonian Orthodox Church of Moscow Patriarchate

Estonian Orthodox Church of Moscow Patriarchate nowadays comprises 32 parishes. The parish of the Cathedral of St. Alexander Nevsky is associated to it.

The clergy of EOC MP consists of 57 men: 43 priests and 14 deacons.

Official publication is monthly newspaper "The World of Orthodoxy" ("Mir Pravoslaviya").

Official web site is  

Department of Theological Education and Catechisation function under the aegis of EOC MP Synod. Church is managed, in accordance with the statute, by the metropolitan in co-operation with Synod, elected by the EOC MP Council. Presently the members of the Synod are as follows:

  • Cornelius, Metropolitan of Tallinn and All Estonia (chairman)
  • Archpriest Oleg Vrona
  • Archpriest Nikolai Golovastikov
  • Archpriest Juvenaly Kaarma
  • Priest Toomas Hirvoja
  • Sergy Männik
  • Leonid Sokolov

Priest Jevgeny Startsev, Synod's Secretary, is responsible for Synod proceedings.

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Estonian Orthodox Church of Moscow Patriarchate
Pikk 64-4, 10133 Tallinn, ESTONIA

Phone: +372 641 1301
Fax: +372 641 1302

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